Mar 29, 2012

You Inspire Me

Here are a few bloggers who inspire me in blogging, crafts, and daily life.

You inspire me to...

Take Outfit Risks
Kaylah's outfits really inspire me to wear what I think looks good. I used to skip over some awesome stuff at thrift stores because I thought it would be too ridiculous, while I secretly loved it. Seeing Kaylah's unique and colorful outfits made me realize that I should wear what I want because it really doesn't matter if someone else thinks I look crazy.

Be Confident
You may or may not have read Lauren's letter post to an anonymous commenter. She had the guts to stand up for herself and tell it like it is. I really admire her for that. She really reminded me that when you start a blog, you start it for yourself. She isn't changing herself for some anonymous commenter, and I don't think anyone should.

Be Myself
Amy's month long post series was so incredibly inspiring to so many people (I know I am not the only one who loved these posts!).  Each post reminded me to love myself, and sometimes you really just need someone to remind you. You can tell by reading Amy's blog that she simply is who she is. Her personality shines through her writing. 

My new blog buddy Lauryn has inspired me so much. I have never been good at geography because I never had an interest in it, and I really do not know that much about other countries (Which is embarrassing to say). Well, Lauryn lives in Spain and there are a lot of differences in our lifestyles. I have found myself researching Spain and looking at maps to see exactly how far away we are. Lauryn has really inspired me to learn things I never really had an interest in before.

Stay Silly
Elycia has said it herself many times on her blog and in vlogs that it is perfectly okay to be silly. She really is a silly individual and that is what makes her awesome! Sometimes I read through my old posts on my blog and think to myself, "Man, I don't think people reading this know how weird I am." I mean weird in the good way, the silly way. Elycia inspires me to be a little more silly in photos or even in my writing.

  Who inspires you?

Xo Chloe.

14 colorful thought(s):

The Dainty Squid said...

Eeep! Thank you so much. I'm really excited that I could inspire someone to wear what they really like, even if it is a little outrageous! Best thing I've heard all day!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Kaylah's and Elycia's blogs...they both always wear super colorful and cute outfits and I'm always like 'man...i would NEVER think to wear that'. I'm going to check out the other blogs now :)


 Amy said...

This is the sweetest thing ever. THANK YOU! Seriously. Made my day. And I"m so so happy that the self-love month was helpful. Love yourself always!!! <333

elycia said...

Aw thank you so much! This was a really sweet post. I am so happy I inspire you to be silly. The world needs more silliness!! (the good kind) ;)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I totally agree, these ladies are all fantastic. And so are you!


andrea brionne said...

ahh there's so many bloggers, photographers, friends, pinterests, everything out there that inspires me. i love each of these girls you featured! they are adorable, checking out their blogs now :)

andrea brionne

Melanie Lea said...

Aw this is so sweet! Checking out a few of these blogs because I've never heard of them before : )

Thanks lady!

Mandatory Creations said...

I couldn't agree more!

Adrian said...

This is a great list you have here! Some are my favs and some are new to me. Thanks for sharing!

xx Adrian

Emily said...

this was so sweet! and I'm so glad you linked up to these girls, i love finding new blogs :)

Lauryn Green said...

Thank you, Chloe! It's so sweet :) We have to talk more about our lifestyles and cultures! It's very interesting.
Sincerely, I loved this post.

jorjiapeach said...

i think that's my favorite thing about the blogging community.. all the inspiration, ya know?

lisa said...

Blogs are my favorite source of inspiration! Some of these are my favorites too, but there's a couple I haven't head of before that I'm off to check out :) Great post!

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