Mar 20, 2012

Outfit: Spring has Arrived

This outfit is completely inspired by one of my old high school English teachers. She always wore high-waisted trousers and cardigans.

My new favorite drink is water and a teabag. Just plain old cold tap water with a teabag steeped in it. Dominick thinks it is gross. Hahaha, but it is sooo good!

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Pacsun
Trousers- Thrifted
Cardigan- Target
Scarf- Thrifted
Bag- Rummage sale
Flats- Target

I had been waiting all winter to bust out these trousers. I went on a kick where I would devote all of my time in a thrift to finding high-waisted trousers. Needless to say I have three pairs now, and I can finally wear them!

What have you been dying to wear?

Xo Chloe.

4 colorful thought(s):

Sadie Dear said...

So cute! I love the color of that cardi.

t said...

Nice colours for spring!

Marella said...

Amazing post dear!
Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back?

I've an amazing giveaway on my blog and I really appreciate if yu would partecipate! <3

Anonymous said...

It is good! :D lol but awhh! Ms. Bruley! :)

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