Mar 7, 2012

Inside My Backpack

A little while ago I did an outfit post that included the backpack that I love so dearly much. Well, Bethany from Bunny Picnic suggested that I do an "inside my backpack" post, and I am finally getting around to it!

1//My trusty laptop that fits nicely in the padded compartment.
2//Notebook, folder, sketchpad, a.k.a the essentials.
3//A Blue Book in case of an exam.
4//Some super smelly lotion. Seriously, I put it on outside so I do not disturb the peace.
5//My Blog book. I write ideas and plans for Lazy Explorers in here.
6//Burt's Bees chapstick.
7//The wonderful mini sketchbook Dom got me for Christmas.
8//An umbrella in case of rain. I will never forget it again after last time it rained on campus and I was unarmed.
9//My favorite wallet. It holds everything, has a map on it, and was only 50cents!
10//Pens and pencils, a.k.a the other essentials.
11//The ipod Dom gave me when he got an iphone, because he is an awesome person.

Xo Chloe.

8 colorful thought(s):

Bekuh said...

I love inside my bag posts! It's like an honest to goodness look into someone's life. Very nice.

Kelly said...

i love your blog! and i love you most! :)

LoriLynn said...

I love posts like this!!! THat little bike notebook is just too cute! Xo Lori

Kendra said...

burts bees is a must :)

Kimmy said...

Great post. 50 cents for a wallet? What a steal. Plus a map just seems to suit you.
I love, 'inside my bag' posts. It's interesting wto see what a person carries with them.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...


Lily Darger said...

Heavens but your back must ache! Love the bag tho!!

Heather Belle said...

This post is so cute! I love the sketchbook
xo Heather

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