Aug 20, 2013

Stuff I Luff #69

Bee and Puppycat has easily become one of my new favorite shows! I can't wait for more episodes! This shirt is so so cute. 

This triforce lamp is amazing. 

I really love all of the pretty designs over at Handmade Ahoy Native

I pretty much died when I saw that Nan Lawson drew Pete and Pete. That was one of my favorite shows growing up. I had a vhs tape that I would watch over and over again.

How cool is this skirt?! It has the companions of the 9th, 10th, and 11th doctors. 

Xo Chloe.

Aug 18, 2013

I'm on the Road!

So I don't know if I have discussed this on the blog before, but I never got my license. I have always been terrified of driving. Anytime I thought about getting behind a wheel, anxiety swept over me. My palms would get sweaty and my heart would race. I thought I would never do it. I got sick of having to ask for rides and make friends go out of their way for me on a daily basis. This was especially hard on Dominick because he had to rearrange his work schedule to take me to college. I am 20 years old now and I decided enough was enough
This is how I felt right before my road test. I was pretty nervous, but it ended up being super easy. I am so glad that I just did it. I feel so much more free. I basically got everything in order in 2 weeks. I already had a car waiting, I just needed to get my license and put the car in my name. I spent the week after taking my road test at the secretary of state. Okay, I am exaggerating, I took like 2 trips to the secretary of state it just felt like forever.

I just wanted to write an update post so you guys know I'm not dead, and also maybe inspire some nervous beginner drivers like myself. It really is worth it, and you really do feel so much more independent.

Tell me your driving stories! I'd love to hear from some people I can relate to!

Xo Chloe.

Jul 27, 2013

Fruit Filled Summer: Explorer Danny

I'm currently enjoying all of the sunshine we have been getting but if there is one thing that I love about summer more than anything else it's watermelon, they're my absolute favourite fruit I would eat them every single day if I could.
I love watermelon so much that for those days when I'm craving them just a little too much I made my very own watermelon inspired tee. It's a super fun project that takes no time at all, here's how you can make one too!

What You'll Need:
 A plain white t-shirt
 Hand fabric dye in red and green (I used Dylon but you can use any brand)
 A fabric pen or sharpie (In black or brown)

Let's Start Making!

Step One: The first thing you need to do is wash and dry your t-shirt so that it is super fresh ready for the dye.

Step Two: You need to make up your green dye according to the packets instructions, for Dylon you mix the powder with water and add salt but other brands differ.

Step Three: Wet the bottom 6 or 7 inches of your T-shirt but not the rest, this will give the dye a gradient effect rather than you getting a straight line. You can also tie an elastic band around the T-shirt just before where the water stops, this helps you to see where the waterline is along with adding to the gradient effect.

Step Four: Dip the bottom of your T-shirt into your prepared dye, you don't want to dip the entire wet portion into the dye however, aim for getting about 5 inches into it. You will see the dye spreading up the T-shirt where it is wet you want to aim for it to spread to where your elastic band is but without dunking it into the water up to there. 

Step Five: Leave your T-shirt in the dye for at least an hour but make sure to move it around every fifteen minutes so that it dyes evenly. After this time take it out of the dye and rinse the green part until the water runs clear (be really careful not to rinse the green into the white part of your T-shirt  though as this could dye it slightly)

Step Six: Once you're T-shirt is completely dry again you want to repeat steps two through to five but this time with your red dye. You will need to wet the rest of the T-shirt this time except the green part and leave a strip of dry white fabric just before you get to the green.

Step Seven: Your T-shirt should be looking much more like a watermelon now! So, once it's dry whip out your sharpie or fabric marker and start drawing on all of those cute little watermelon seeds. You can draw these however you want, you could do little triangles, ovals or anything at all it's completely up to you how you make your watermelon look.

Step Eight: Wear your new watermelon T-shirt with pride!

It's super simple and incredibly cute! I can't wait to wear my watermelon T-shirt when the sun is shining and I hope you have lots of fun in yours too.
Keep Adventuring,

Thanks for being a part of my blog Danny! You guys should all check out his amazing blog

Jul 26, 2013

Life in Instagram

1//My city started an art walk to educate people on different works of art!
2//Goodies from my long-distance friend.
3//Amazing soap with even more amazing packaging.
4//A few of my closest gal pals.
5//Pure boredom.
6//This summer has been so rainy in the mitten state! I had to bust out the rain coat!
7//I have no idea.
8//Picking up pizza!

Xo Chloe.

Jul 20, 2013

Fruit Filled Summer: Explorer Katherine

Hi explorers - my name is Katherine, and I blog over at Of Corgis & Cocktails! I was so excited when Chloe asked me to write on the topic of fruit - I love fruit, especially citrus. Two years ago, my husband and I had a lemon and lime themed wedding, complete with tons of lemons and limes decorating the area at the reception. In honor of our two year wedding anniversary, I found this adorable citrus print top to wear on our trip back to our honeymoon spot - Disney World! There are snippets from our day at Magic Kindgom and Epcot where we enjoyed two of our favorite fruit related things. Tonga toast - or banana stuffed french toast - and LeFou's Brew - an apple juice and marshmallow frozen concoction.

Tonga Toast Banana Stuffed French ToastKatherine and Lilo and Stitch at PolynesianCirtus Print Top and Modcloth BagSpace Mountain Fast Pass ReturnCitrus Print Cool with Me TopSunniesBird House Splash MountainFinger Point Ring DetailSplash MountainFifty Foot Plunge AheadBrer Fox Bear and RabbitEverything Is SatisfactualCitrus Print TopKatherine Being Overly Happy About Lefous BrewJason and Katherine Big Ball Epcot AnniversaryKatherine Monsters University Greenery at Epcot

here's the detail on what I'm wearing ::
sunnies :: c/o modcloth // top :: modcloth // shorts :: target // earrings :: fossil
sandals :: target // bag :: modcloth (only time you'll see it! it ripped while we were in the park!)

Thanks so much for being a part of the Fruit Filled Summer Explorer Series! Pop over to her blog and say hello!

Xo Chloe.

Jul 16, 2013

Stuff I Luff #68

Long time no blog! (That was awful, I'm sorry...) Ya know, I only blog when I want to. I feel like if I force myself to blog, it isn't any fun to read. Lately I have had a lot going on and a lot on my mind, so I have neglected Lazy Explorers a bit.

I really need one of these smiling vases. This little guy would brighten any day!

Soooo, I really like these leggings. They are a tad ridiculous, but I like them.

How lovely is this temporary tattoo?! I would actually get this!

This wooden brooch is otterly awesome.

Eeeep! This felt flower bouquet is so so lovely! Plus it would keep so much better than real flowers.

Happy Tuesday! 
Xo Chloe.

Jul 13, 2013

Fruit Filled Summer: Explorer Sara

Hello all you lovely Lazy Explorers readers! Sara here from Swing The Day Away. I come bearing photos of my recent trip to the orchard!
A few weekends ago, one of the local orchards had a strawberry festival and of course, I had to go! There were fresh strawberry shortcakes, food tastings, and other festivities to take part in. I mostly just did the food samplings and then went strawberry picking, though because let's face it...who doesn't love free food samples?
Strawberry picking can be pretty tough...especially in a dress. You have to crouch low to the ground (which kills your thighs), or kneel in the dirt. I ended up just kneeling because I didn't want to accidentally give everyone in the strawberry field a peep show. It was a little windy too, which did not help matters.
Dress: H&M//Sweater: New York & Company//Purse: Fossil (thrifted)//Sunglasses: Michael Kors (borrowed from friend)//Shoes: Gap//Necklace: Forever 21
The strawberries were so good, as fresh fruit always is. I only picked a small little carton of them and ate them as a snack. I would've liked to pick more and baked something with them, but I just don't have the time for all that lately with grad school kicking my butt!
Of course, I had to wear my strawberry dress while strawberry picking, despite how short it may be. And since this is a fruit themed post, I decided to wear my apple necklace too! Strawberries and apples are a couple of my favorite fruits and I think they'd go well together. Maybe I'll invent some sort of appley-strawberry dessert someday. :)
Come visit me over at Swing The Day Away where you'll be sure to see some more fruit-themed posts (and outfits) here and there. I'm a huge orchard fan. :)