Nov 6, 2014


I love how painted mason jars look. This would be really pretty to do for candles.

Speaking of candles, check out these lemon candles! Here is a tutorial!

This Italian soda bar would be so fun to do for a birthday party!

This pumpkin soap sounds amazing! I love warm pumpkin scents. Also, 10 minutes to make? Dream come true!

I always have to include a post from A Beautiful Mess. This bracelet diy would be so cute to make for friends as friendship bracelets!

Xo Chloe.

Nov 4, 2014

Stuff I Luff #89

This cat ear hat is seriously the cutest. I love the colors in this one.

This Twin Peaks banner is awesome. I just started watching the show and I am already in love only two episodes in.

Something about this solar system headband makes me love it. I think it is because it reminds me of Mrs. Frizzle from Magic School Bus.
I loooove hand lettering and Kristen Drozdowski inspires me daily, so naturally I fell in love with these custom address stamps.

There is something creepishly awesome about this hand collar. I love how delicate it looks, you may not even realize they are hands at first glance.

Xo Chloe.

Nov 3, 2014

Review: Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a shopping website where you can find gifts for those -hard to buy for- people....including yourself! They have a range of interesting products that you most likely would not see at your local shopping center. Uncommon Goods asked me to review some of their products and I happily and excitedly accepted. One product I picked to review is the Breakfast for Your Face Face Mask
This mask comes with 3 dry powder formulas. Each of them feel weird yet amazing. They have instructions on them for you to decide what wet material you would like to use to thicken your mask, I used water for each of mine. I like to use these masks in the morning instead of washing my face. 

Cafe Mocha Mask
This mask smells soooo good. It is almost like a scrub as well as a mask. My face did start feeling sort of itchy while it was on, but it wasn't unbearable.

Yogurt Massk
This mask was really nice. I tend to have weird combination skin, but it has been really dry lately. This mask is formulated to moisturize the skin.

Oatbrasion Mask
I mixed honey with this mask because my skin has been suuuuper dry due to the windy cold days we have had lately. I think this mask is my favorite. It is sort of messy with the oatmeal falling off here and there, but it is worth it. I use the extra on my dry hands as well.

I would definitely recommend this face mask kit as a gift for a friend or even as a gift for yourself!
Xo Chloe.

Thanks again, Uncommon Goods!