Jan 5, 2015

Stuff I Luff #90//Moon Prism Power

Whoa, it has been quite a while hasn't it? Welp, I think my interest in blogging has come back. It kept feeling repetitive and boring to me. I suppose it was the types of posts I was doing. Either way, I missed looking around on Etsy and sharing the random things I found and fell in love with...so here is another Stuff I Luff for ya!

This clock is amazing! I love the rustic look to it.
This tee has such a funny mash-up! I never would have thought of these four characters being combined.

How flippin adorable are these scarves?! I feel like I would need both of them.

I am including this card for obvious reasons, one of them being that I laughed out loud and immediately wanted to show this to the world.

Another mash-up! This decal is a pretty well done Starbucks one, usually I don't like them as much as I like this one.
What in the what?! Serena looks so happy with herself too...

This beanie looks so cozy and cool. I think I need it on my head, like now,

Welp, I hope to blog much more soon!

Xo Chloe.