Mar 30, 2012

DIY Ideas

If you have some chalkboard paint lying around like I do, this is the perfect project for you. If you don't already have chalkboard paint, you should definitely get some. Endless possibilities, I swear.

This tutorial seems a bit intense, and it definitely is involved, but look how awesome!

I love the idea of using books to hide precious items. Not only can you hide them in this book, but you they are organized!

This is such a simple little DIY, and I love it! My hair is still all funky and I use bobby pins to make it look presentable. These would be perfect for me!

This awesome little tutorial is for an ipad, but I think it could be made to fit a laptop, graphics tablet, etc.

This teepee is so cute! I love the photos of her daughter in it, she looks so happy.

Xo Chloe.

5 colorful thought(s):

Kimmy said...

Such great DIY tutorials. I desperately want to make the vintage book organizer.

Megan said...

That teepee and those iPad cases are so cute! I've been dying to make a adult-sized teepee.

xo, Megan

Van said...

I use chalkboard paint for all kinds of crafting, love the necklace. My friend and I just designed something similar recently.

charley said...

Oh my goodness I want all of these!


Stephanie said...

I absolutely adore that rainbow mat!

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