Jun 30, 2015

Life//Art School

So I am currently going to school for my bachelors of fine arts degree with a concentration in graphic design. We have to do such weird projects that sometimes end up being something pretty cool. For this specific project we had to pick an musical artist and describe them with 4 adjectives. Then we had to find various images in magazines and books that fit into the 4 categories. Then we had to do like a bazillion collages with them. My teacher calls them "mondo collages." At the end of the millions and millions of collages we had to do (all in photoshop, mind you), we had to then use the collages to create a cd design for the artist of our choice. I chose Kate Nash and my adjectives were crazy, feminine, retro, and colorful.

A lot of my collages had animals puking various things. My professor made fun of me for that a lot.

The script font is Wolf in the City and the sans serif font is Univers.

Some of my collages ended up so weird looking. Let's all take a gander at that flower monster with boobs for eyelashes, shall we?

I have found that sometimes you cannot be afraid of making something that is crazy or weird looking, especially with art and design. I love that I can take risks in my school work, the experimentation is what helps you learn the most.

Xo Chloe.

Jun 29, 2015

Stuff I Luff #91//Novelty Prints and Quirky Necklaces

Modcloth's dresses are my favorite. I am a sucker for novelty prints and Modcloth does not mess around with prints of any kind. (dress one, dress two)

This fern necklace is so lovely. I really like the idea of adding some nature to an outfit.

Let me just reiterate to you my obsession with novelty prints. I have a love for shark print especially, even though they terrify me. This shark print dress is too cute to scare me though.

The necklaces in this shop are so quirky and cute. It would be so cool to do a Jurassic Park themed outfit with one of these bad boys.

I loved Card Captors when I was a kid. This clow key necklace is so cute, my inner 90s child is busting through.

Xo Chloe.

Jun 28, 2015

Life//Graduation Photos

My little sister is all grown up and graduated! I cannot believe she will be going off to college in a month and a half. I am so proud of her, but I am really sad she isn't so little anymore. Any who, a while back I took some graduation photos of her at a nice park by my house. I've never taken graduation photos before as I am not a professional by any means...but I am pretty happy with how they came out.
It was soooo icy that day. The entire park was covered in frozen snow. You would take a step and have to yank your boot out of the snow to get it back out. The ducks that were at the park were sliding across the ice like little dorks. It was a really good time, especially since we were the only ones at the park.

sister4 sister1
I love this photo because it looks like a movie still. It looks so epic to me and I cannot stop staring at it, hahaha. "ONWARD!" Our adventure was pretty epic though, I'm just glad we made it out alive and didn't freeze to the ground.

I like taking photos, especially when the weather is crazy and makes it even more exciting.
Xo Chloe.

Jun 27, 2015

Saria is my homegirl

I've been working on some greeting card designs lately. This one features Saria from one of my favorite video games, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

This photo is from the first time that I cosplayed Saria. That little girl was so flippin cute, I could hardly stand it.

1614289_10151943663014779_2080720496_oThis blurry shot is from the second time I cosplayed Saria, with a better dress and an actual turtleneck. We had so much fun that we didn't take too many photos. My sister is in the middle cosplaying as Toon Link.

I think it would be a lot of fun to set up an artists' booth at a convention. I just love seeing everyone's cosplays and taking photos with them. Have you been to any conventions? What are your experiences?

Xo Chloe,

Jun 26, 2015

The Imaginary Confetti Club

You might notice some changes have been made around here, that's because I have decided to start blogging again. I felt that I needed something fresh to start with...but I didn't want to lose all of that hard work I put into this blog that once was called Lazy Explorers. I like the fact that I can look through my old posts and remember what I used to like, what I was doing at the time, etc.

celebratesmall Imaginary Confetti Club does mean something, I promise. When you achieve a small goal or victory, I like to think that you throw imaginary confetti in your brain to celebrate it. I believe that you must celebrate even the smallest achievements in order to keep yourself going and stay on track to meet an even bigger goal. Sometimes it is easy to feel like you are never going to make it to your dream goal and feeling like a failure can really set you back. This blog is going to remind me to stop feeling down and to keep working hard, I hope it helps remind you too!

Xo Chloe.