Mar 22, 2012

DIY Ideas

I am in love with this idea

I have seen teacup candles around, but I never would have thought they would be so simple to make. (Or maybe Jess just makes it look easy) Check out the tutorial!

Look at this awesome jewelry box that serves as functional decor!

Just like Kaylah, I have always loved scratching off lottery tickets and gift cards. I love that she made her own!

I love this idea! Next time I am out thrifting, I am definitely going to pick up a few shirts to try this out on.

What a cute little spring project! Make your own eggshell starter garden!

Happy crafting!
Xo chloe.

10 colorful thought(s):

Lily Darger said...

I really love the last DIY with the eggshells. I always end up killing plants when I transfer them from starter pot to ground. I think this would actually work for me!!

tia ann said...

love all of these little ideas, thanks for sharing!

Megan said...

These are so cute! I love your DIY ideas posts, they always showcase such sweet projects.

xo, Megan

The Ponycats said...

I love these ideas, the first one is So pretty <3
I dont know if I would wear that skirt but it is definitely a great idea for re using old t shirts.
have you watch the "tutorial" video on how to turned a mans shirt onto different dresses?
it reminded me of that, I think I want to try that one sometime, it would be fun(:

Hope you have an awesome day!

Carmila Ponycat

ShyScout said...

How fun. I love the necklace, scratch offs, and starter garden ideas :]

Katherine McAdoo said...

that necklace is more than adorable

Lauryn Green said...

Ah.. the necklace is adorable :)
I'll try to make one DIY project this weekend! Thank you for sharing!

Sabina said...

all these ideas are amazing!
Will be tryig the t-shirt into a skirt idea

..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

Two Happy Hearts said...

Oh man, I've been wanting to make candles in vintage tea cups for ages!! I should get around to doing it soon. That one is adorable!

Alexandra Cabrer said...

Wow, I love all of them! Specially the necklace. And the skirt is a great idea! :)

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