Aug 31, 2012

DIY Ideas

This fold-over pouch DIY is too cute. I especially love the fabric she used.

EEEEP! This paint chip wall art is amazing! I am in love.

These little Polaroid magnets are adorable!

This cement pot DIY is pretty cool. You could also use these to hold bits and bobs.

I recently discovered the website, Ravelry, and have been meaning to give a pattern a try. This one is super cute.

Have you done any awesome DIY projects lately?
Xo Chloe.

Aug 30, 2012

I Love Target

Target's sales are so awesome! I got all of these plates for just about $10! Look how cute they are, eeep! I am so excited!
I have been collecting random things for when Dominick and I move into an apartment together. These are the newest addition to the collection. We were so excited as we kept adding more of them into our cart. Dominick said, "Oooh! We can use the camera plate for a fancy dip and put chips and stuff on the other plates!" People walking past probably thought we were nuts because we were tripping out over some plastic plates. Hahaha.

Have you gotten any great deals at Target? What do you like to shop for there?
Xo Chloe.

Aug 28, 2012

Stuff I Luff #31

Eeeep! I am in love with these CMYK necklaces

I have been collecting as many chunky beanies as possible for this upcoming fall. This one is absolutely perfect.

This deer print is so lovely.

I like the look of these jeggings in the photos, but i'm not sure if they would be too much like leggings to be worn as pants.

These notebooks are SO cute. I love them all so much, I wouldn't be able to choose!

Xo Chloe.

Aug 27, 2012

Meet the August Sponsors!

Hi, my name is Elise and my handsome husband is Jamie. We are the Dear family. I cook a lot, craft, dance, knit and my blog Dear Family, is about all of those things, with a little husband thrown in. 

 Hello, my name is Morgan and I blog about my inspirations and share my photography! I'm a freshman in high school and love meeting new people. Stop by and say hi! 

Hi I'm Chantal and I'm the crazy shoe lady at PonyChops. I love to blog about art, animals etsy, fashion & baking. I specialize in cute and colourful shoes at my shop & also do custom orders too.

Join me on my wonderful adventures at Foxy Whiskers! You will find sweet treats, fashion fancies and plenty more on my little blog. I love making new friends, so stop by and say Hi! 

Hello there, my name is Marisa Noelle and I run a lil ol blog called The Shades of Monet Chronicles.  I'm just a vintage loving gal with a heart for writing music, exploring nature, an all things sugary sweet.  In my free time I adore scouting out the next vintage darling for my Etsy shop, playing my ukelele, and kicking back on the lake to a good Hemingway novel.  So very nice to meet you :)

Hi, I'm Jane. I love Blythe dolls and making illustrations. If you like Blythe dolls and cute illustrations, come visit my blog. See you there!

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Hi, I am Emily, and I blog over at Celebrating the Day! I write about everything from what I wear, to things I make to how to stay positive everyday. Come stop by and say hello!

Hello, dears! I'm Julia, a seamstress, lifestyle blogger, and home decor blog-writer for Goodwill! I call New England home and spend my days soaking up sunshine by the lake, working in my little Etsy studio, and thrifting my heart out. Please feel free to visit me via the internet and say a quick hello!

Stop by and visit each of my lovely followers!
Xo Chloe.

Aug 26, 2012

Outfit: Peter Pan Collar

I was super excited to try out my very first detachable peter pan collar! This one is from Jeeze Julia and it is amazing.
I was having a hard time at first finding something to wear with this collar. Then I decided that I was over thinking it and wore it with this simple polka dot dress. 
Peter pan collar- c/o Jeeze Julia
Dress- Dot's
Belt- Thrifted 
Trusty ole flats- Target

I am going through quite a collar phase right now so when I find collar-less shirts at the thrift, I always pass on them. Next time I am out, I am going to hunt a few patterned shirts down to wear with this collar. I could always cut the neckline of a t-shirt to work better with the collar as well.

How do you wear your detachable collar? 
Xo Chloe.

Aug 25, 2012

Pony Chops Giveaway Winner!

Eeep! I get so excited to announce giveaway winners. I just can't wait to generate the random number and find out who it is!
Okay, the winner of these moccasins with a design of their choice is.....Jessa from Pearl + Earl!

Congratulations! We will be in contact with you soon!
Xo Chloe.

Aug 24, 2012

DIY Ideas

I'm trying out something a little new for the DIY Ideas this time. I am going to start including recipes since technically recipes are DIY. 

I have been obsessed with scarfs, rightfully so since fall is rapidly approaching. This circle scarf DIY involves a little sewing, but it seems simple enough.

This clutch DIY is so cute! It looks like something you would buy from Urban Outfitters or something.

Now that I have read this amazing tutorial, I want to make patterns! That would be so neat!

This berry iced green tea looks delicious. It reminds me of the strawberry juice my sister made awhile back.

I remember making this ice cream in 1st grade! I can't wait to try it again!

Xo Chloe.

Aug 23, 2012

Guest Post//Emily's Outfit

Sponsor post photo all things pretty
Hello guys! I am so happy to be guest posting here at Lazy Explorers! My name is Emily, and I am a soon to be 14 (10 days!!) year old girl living in Australia. I blog over at CraftyGirl*. I love to spend my days crafting, playing with my blythe dolls, going thrifting, taking photos and movies and having fun! I love to blog about these things too.
One thing that I am really passionate about is fashion. I love to dress up in pretty, vintage things and try my hardest to be my own individual, and not be pressured by the media to look a certain way. On my blog, I really encourage brave fashion for young girls! Sometimes we tend to not wear something we love because "people might stare!" or "they might not like it"! Well, I try to encourage everyone that it doesn't matter what other people think about you, all that matters is if you feel good in what you wear and live it!
I post every Friday with an outfit I wore over on my blog, and today I will be sharing an outfit over here on Lazy Explorers - yay! Here is What I Wore...
Lazy explorers 1Lazy explorers 2Lazy explorers 3Lazy explorers 4Lazy explorers 5Lazy explorers 6Lazy explorers 7Lazy explorers 8Lazy explorers 9
Dress - Target
Necklace - local markets
Belt - belongs to my mum!
Stockings - Rubi Shoes
Boots - Payless Shoes

I hope you have enjoyed my outfit! And remember, always wear your clothes confidently and be brave, and don't let anyone put you down or discourage you from what you love! It was absolutely wonderful to guest post here, thank-you SO much Chloe! xoxo, Emily

Thanks for posting Emily! You are so inspiring to the younger and older bloggers. I hope you continue doing what you love and succeed through life. 
Xo Chloe.