Mar 25, 2012

My Week in Photos

On our morning walk around campus, we stopped to feed a couple ducks some chocolate chip cookie. I love how the duck on the right looks like he is thinking, "Dang it! You got the cookie crumb first!"

Dominick and I split a Trenta iced passion tea lemonade while I worked on my art project and he did some research.

Spring has sprung! I stop to admire and photograph plants and trees quite frequently on walks to class. I can't help myself, I want to remember how pretty it looked.

Dominick has been enjoying the guitar pick punch I bought him. It works out really well actually because I save gift cards that people tell me to throw away at work. 

Middle Eastern food, a smoothie, and my best friend.

One of Dom's neighbors decorated their little tree with plastic Easter eggs. I thought that was such a cute idea!

Best pizza ever= zucchini, black olives, green pepper, and grilled chicken. It was supposed to have artichoke too,  but they forgot it. 

What were the highlights of your week? 
Xo Chloe.

7 colorful thought(s):

Mandy said...

Great photos! Your art project looks wonderful and that pizza looks delicious.

Lauryn Green said...

Your week looks great! And your drawing too! I'm curious too see some of your art projects. Sure are great!

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

That pizza looks great!

t said...

Looks like a great week!

Shakti Dove Scircle said...

That pick punch is the coolest!

A "cheery" disposition said...

O my gosh you got the pick punch! I saw that around christmas and almost bought it for my boyfriend (he plays guitar)

Anonymous said...

aw thanks! i love photos like these you posted also. :)
xo Daisy

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