Mar 15, 2012

DIY Ideas

Hello everybody!
I love hunting down cute DIY projects! This has to be one of my favorite posts to do.

How awesome are those sunglasses?! I love this idea!

One of my very good blog buddies posted this cute little tutorial some time ago. Next time I am out thrifting, I am going to look for a cool skinny belt to turn into a camera strap! Check out her post.

This heart cut-out tutorial is so lovely!

This is the most beautiful wreath I have ever seen! The instructions are so clear too!

Fancy up your dull pillow! Follow the simple steps.

Here I go with the terrariums again. They have become my recent obsession. I am definitely planning on making one and when I do, I will definitely post about it. Check out this adorable tutorial.

Xo Chloe.

5 colorful thought(s):

Amber said...

Love all things! (well more specifically all things in the post)

xo Amber P.

ShyScout said...

What wonderful tutorials. I need to make that camera strap!! What a great idea. I also agree, that wreath is the prettiest one i've seen.

A Girl Named Leney said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog:)
Yours is super cute! And what a lovely round up of tutorials. I found that terrarium one recently too and I can't wait to try it!

<3 Leney

Lily Darger said...

OK, that pillow idea is just the solution I needed! Thanks!!

. said...

That succulent wreath is AMAZING!

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