Jul 11, 2012

Outfit: Sea Stars.

It is so much more fun to do outfit photos with other people. I especially like to get my sisters involved with my blog. They are near and dear to me, and I think they are important to share.
I told Emily to pose like a princess.
Shirt, Skirt, & Shoes- Thrifted
Tights- Sears (Jo Boxer)
Headband- Target

Shirt- Thrifted (Borrowed from me)
Shorts- Vintage Candies
Shoes- Vans
Gwen likes to photo bomb.

Xo Chloe.

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Lindsay Wright said...

ah this makes me want to force my brother into an outfit post. have a feeling it may not be as exciting for him? haha these are very cute, I especially love the photo bomb picture it's too funny

Messy said...

Awww...you and your sistas are sooooo adorbs. :)

cb said...

how cute you all look! i especially love your sisters shorts! these are awesome! i wish i had someone to do outfit pictures with. i also love that shed behind you guys.

Emily Elizabeth said...

Awwe! This is so cute and fun! Makes me miss my sister!

Amanda said...

All of your outfits are absolutely adorable! I am really in love with Gwen's shorts, so cute!

danielle p. said...

ahh, sisterly love! so cute :]

jorjiapeach said...

i'm sure i've told you this before, but i'm SUPER jealous of your saddle shoes.

Anonymous said...

Such cute photos ^_^

Adriana said...

Haha, the last picture was great. I like to photo bomb my brother. It's fun :D Lovely outfits, by the way~

Anh LĂȘ said...

Lovely sistas :) I like the floral shorts and the belt going along with on Gwen a lot. And your outfit is cute too but without the stocking maybe better?? Hmm Im not sure, just my thought :p
I like the look in your portrait photo. Your eyes are so adorable and the attitude is just so lovely
PS: Say hi to the little girl and tell she's a real princess :)

Mandy said...

such cuteness!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...


Kimmy said...

I love involving my sisters as well. They each have their own blogs, but they don't exactly love blogging as much as I do. :/
These pictures are really cute.

Pony Chops said...

Great photos! Love your outfit and especially like the one where Gwen photobombs haha

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