Jul 20, 2012

DIY Ideas

This is such an adorable little felt key chain!

Mandy's awesome floral shorts project has inspired me so much. All of the awesome patterned things I have passed up will never be passed up again because of something silly like length.

I love this simple little flower sunnies DIY! I also really like to say "sunnies."

I loooove the way this cross stitch is used to decorate office supplies! This is such an awesome DIY.

Paper mache is a beautiful thing. These mannequins look so much cuter than the boring foam they originally were.

I have seen many zines floating around on Etsy, I never thought they would be so simple to construct. Thinking up some ideas for content is the hard part!

Xo Chloe.

7 colorful thought(s):

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness, I have several office supplies items I could cross stitch like that! I wish I had what I needed with me at work right now! So cute!

So much other cuteness here, I am also diggin the word "sunnies" :)


Artha Arihta said...

These are lovely! I'll try the floral shorts someday!
Thanks for share!

Teaka said...

I like the idea of threading thread through wired office desk items. Brilliant.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

i love that little fetl key ring - so cute.

<3 katherine
current giveaway on of corgis & cocktails

Lisa Koski said...

Hi Chloe! You are such an inspiration!!! Keep up the great work... we should have coffee sometime soon, perhaps with Ms. Potter?!

Becky said...

Those sunglasses are super cute!



koko mo said...

love all these things!! the paper mache mannequins, such a cute idea i love that!!

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