Jul 27, 2012

DIY Ideas

Hey everyone, I am back from Niagara Falls! I will be sharing photos from the trip very soon! I hope you enjoy these DIY's I rounded up!

This embroidery hoop display is so lovely. This is will be perfect to hang miscellaneous stuff in my room.

Satchel bags are my favorite kind of bags! This DIY is so cute. I love the colors she used.

This little inspirational quote block fills my heart with happiness. It would be such a fun gift to give!

Ahh! This DIY is sooo adorable! It would be fun to invite a bunch of friends over for a plate and mug designing party.

These painted shelves are so lovely. I really like the way the different designs look together.

Xo Chloe.
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5 colorful thought(s):

Becky said...

I love Boris the Bear! How cute!



Mandy said...

I'm in LOVE with those shelves! How beautiful!


Stephanie said...

I really want to make one of those embroidery hoop displays!

Can't wait to see the photos from Niagra Falls :)

Emily Elizabeth said...

I saw that hoop on her Instagram the other day! Love it, that's definitely one of the things I want to teach myself how to do. And how adorable is that satchel bag?!

Jes said...


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