Jul 16, 2012

Meet the July Sponsors//Part 1

Hello! My name is Jing Qi and I am from sunny Singapore! My blog, Wishful Penguin, serves as a time capsule for me to record my daily going-on. I love taking photos as well so you would find many visual stimuli in terms of yummy food, pretty clothing, whimsical items and breathtaking places in my blog. So do visit if you love fashion, food and frivolous things and I look forward to seeing you here!

Hello! My name is Alexandra, and I'm a photographer from the coast of California. I run a little photography blog where I share my work, as well as every day inspirations and lots about my Border Collie, Bonny. I would love to be your new friend!

Hello, everyone! I'm Lauren, the girl behind One of Five. I'm the oldest of five siblings, hence the blog title. Having four younger brothers is so completely awesome, but I needed a place to channel my girly side. My little corner of the internet is used to share my inspirations, DIY’s, the occasional recipe, and the daily adventures of being a college student, sister, and friend. I write here because taking pictures isn't enough, and a journal is too much pressure. I read books with a highlighter, and have an ongoing list on my phone of words and phrases that sound good together. I'm somewhat of a hoarder of all things cute and useless, and believe that dark chocolate and dancing have magical healing powers. The dream is to travel, to take pictures, to own a flower shop, and to write-- and I'm learning how to make that possible at the University of Mary Washington. Stop by and say hello! :)
Hello! I'm Kate from Scientific Culture and I'm an overly enthused science geek who loves spreading my excitement by selling cute science crafts! I've got a soft spot for illustration, felt, and embroidery, and am always coming up with new products and suitable packaging to go with. I write daily posts on my blog exploring my plethora of hobbies and inspirations and would love if you're up for popping in! 
Hello! My name is Laura and I am just your average, every day Jersey girl.  My goal is to document my style and creativity with the world via mini blog entries and photographs. Follow me as I share what is new and exciting in my life, and, most importantly, how art plays a major role in it all!
About me: And her name is..... *drum roll*..... Deborah! Oh yeah that's me, a full-time biology student, a born explorer, a of-everything-that-has-leaves-on lover, emotional with little but important thing-ies, a book and writing addict and many other things. One cold as (not) hell day, I started this little blog of mine and I would ever thought that it would be a such big (and fun) part of my life in such a short period. Bloggers do it(everything) better! That's.it. 
Hey there! I am Alex from the blog Second Thoughts! I'm a student during the day and blogger during the night. I blog about design, daily life, photography, and movie, book, and music reviews. I am a bit obsessed with architecture and photograph just about every thing I see. Join my musings and stop by... maybe even say hi?:)

I hope you will visit my lovely sponsors and say hello! They are all very wonderful people.
Xo Chloe.

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soo what's a girl gotta do to become a sponsor?? i wanna! i wanna!

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