May 15, 2012

Meet the May Sponsors//Part 2

Hi Lazy Explorers followers! I am Allison and I blog over at ShyScout. A little about me: I am a recent college grad, currently work as a freelance designer, momma of a mini doxie and hedgehog, vinyl toy collector, thrifter, and I reside in the great land of Lincoln. ShyScout was created to document my new life adventures and everything else in between. Come stop by and say hello today :] I love meeting new blog friends.
I'm Liz - a coffee addict and bookworm working full time as a social media strategist. I write about some of my other loves - music, crafting and fashion.
Hi everyone. I'm Mandy of Grace and Viola, my fashion and lifestyle blog with a vintage twist. After being inspired by my great grandmother and great aunt's stylish photographs (the lovely ladies behind the name Grace and Viola), my love of vintage began. Since then, I have acquired a collection of vintage cameras, suitcases, and a variety of clothing that takes up half of my closet. I would for you to stop by my blog and say hello.
Hi, I'm Sherry! I'm a twenty something wife, SAHM, youth leader's wife, photographer, blogger, and vintage lover who enjoys crafting, baking, and thrifting in my spare time. My husband and I run a photography business part time so I can stay home with my son Noah. You can follow all of my adventures on my blog Oh So Lovely.
Hi I'm Marilyn and my blog is Pulp Sushi. My Etsy shop goes by the same name - both started 2006. I try to show my love of mid-century nostalgia through my jewelry.  I'm fueled by coffee, music, books, low-brow art, classic horror, fashion & desserts.
Hi! I'm Kit and I blog over at What a Peach! I write about a real mix of topics like books, films, cooking, days out in London and a bit of fashion and photography thrown in too. I love finding new blogs or meeting new readers, so come on over and say 'hello'!
Hi Lazy Explorer followers! My name is Brooke and I blog over at The Smallest Adventures. I'm a dread-headed college student just trying to find my place in the world with my eyes set on the Lord. I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but thanks to Chloe, I slightly know what I'm doing now :) I blog about daily life, devotions, things I love, some crafty things I'd like to try, and whatever else... my blog is like my brain, all over the place. Come on over and say hi! I'd love to get to know some other bloggers!
Hello this is Chymecindy. I am a filipina married to a Finn and now living in Finland. I am a stay home mom of a five months old girl named Rianna. I love photography, cooking and creating things. In A.k.a. Chymecindy i blog about my daily life and inspirations. The blog is all about photography, travels, daily outfits, poetry and some things that inspires me. I also to write poems sometimes and you can read it on my poetry blog (  And i also write a daily journal for my baby and my family on Little Slim Girl blog. I am glad to be a part of Lazy Explorers blog. I hope everyone's enjoying reading this blog as much as i do. Thanks :)

Please check out round two of my lovely sponsors. They are all wonderful people.
Xo Chloe.

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Courtney Snook said...

Another great sponsors post :) You all sound like such lovely people, I'm about to look at your blogs now!

ShyScout said...

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this post! I am really excited to meet some new bloggers :]

Jade Sing said...

Your sponsors look amazing! I can tell that they really give you the best of your blogshop... They must be awed to be here. Just like ShyScout up there, hehe.

Izzonet Top Ecommerce said...

They all look fun to be with! Their photos show it all, especially that of Kit! Hehe, you’re lucky to have happy-go-lucky sponsors. How’d you meet ‘em?

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