May 22, 2012

How to Have a -Successful- Yard Sale

There are numerous sites devoted to avid yard salers, such as Yard Sale Search. Also, some newspapers have a section to advertise your upcoming sale. We did that one year and it worked out quite well for us, but we really like Craigslist. My family loves to sail the yards, and whenever we do we make a day of it. We map out a bunch using Craigslist.

So I suppose it isn't the absolute worse thing if a yard sale is not organized, but it does make your sale more appealing. Not everyone likes to dig through clothes to find knickknacks. 

Color coding the prices makes it easy to remember whose stuff is whose when dividing up the amount of money everyone made. This only applies to family yard sales where you need to split up the earnings.

This is where the color coding is applicable. As people buy things, you can quickly jot down how much each person made from the sale. You could even use the same color markers as the price stickers.

It is so important to have change. For some reason people like to pay with twenty dollar bills at yard sales. It doesn't make much sense to me, but I have to admit I am guilty of it myself.

I know it hurts to sell the shirt you only wore once for $1, but this is a yard sale. We have to be real here. Would you pay more than a dollar or two for a shirt at a yard sale? I wouldn't, unless it was SUPER awesome. Just make sure you price your used merchandise at prices you would pay for them.

Yard sales can be so boring if you are sitting out there by yourself, pass the time with a friend. Plus, they can be a big help watching the sale while you grab drinks or use the little girl's room.

Nobody likes a crabby salesman! I have been to garage sales where it is dead silent and no one says a word to you. It is quite awkward and I usually don't buy anything. We had a little radio playing The Beatles and The Black Keys during my yard sale.

Use your well-earned cash to buy something you have been drooling over! This can also help you get rid of things. I have trouble parting with clothing, even if I never wear it. I ended up looking for more things to sell because I wanted to have enough money to treat myself to a new dress.

Do you have any tips for hosting a yard sale? Any questions?
Xo Chloe.

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Teaka said...

What an awesome looking yard sale! I don't think I have enough stuff yet to have one but in the future if the times comes to rid of some of my items I'll be using your tips! :)

abby said...

i love this! shopping yard sales is a summer fave of mine . . . it's so neat discovering treasures in a pile of stuff :)

jorjiapeach said...

did you make a whole lot of dough?? or better yet, did you get rid of a whole lot of stuff??

jennifer lane designs said...

i love having garage sales!

Rachael said...

I've never been too or had a yard sale. We're bigger fans of the estate sale although we see loads of yard sales driving around. We'll have to make a point of stopping at some soon!

Dearest Lou said...

Great tips! I haven't had a garage sale since I was $12 at our old house as a child! You make it look so fun and easy (;


Amber said...

Great tips! My mom and I would always have yard sales and make a good bit of money. We made a makeshift clothing rack with the chair swing base to hang up the nice clothing then folded the $1.00 items onto blankets.

Another tip I'd include is having some plastic shopping bags (we always tried to save Walmart or grocery store bags when we planned yard sales) once the customer purchased their items. This helps you keep your hangers and helps them carry everything back to their car!

xo Amber P.

bridget anne said...

i ADORE this post! we desperately need to have a yard sale over at the deer circus...but let me just say: we don't have a yard : / just a tiny problem. this makes me miss suburbia a tad & looking through yard sales on the weekends! the city is lovely, but it's crampin' my thriftin' style. xo.

Lauryn Green said...

I wish I could do this here! It's not allowed :(

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

I hate when the people don't talk at a garage sale! It just feels like your judging their stuff haha. And some people sell random shirts for like 8 bucks. Rich pple seem to price their stuff too high but that might just be me.

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