May 10, 2012

Meet the May Sponsors//Part 1

My name is Laura Caldentey and I'm behind Lauryn Green's blog. I love to take analog photos, drawing, sewing, food, cooking, films and animals and share it on my blog. I live in Spain in a little island called Mallorca and I dream of travel around the world with my camera.


Hi everyone! my name is Devin, I'm 19 years old with a boyfriend I've been with for 5 beautiful and not so beautiful years. I currently live in a cozy town home with three other guys, a cat, and a guinea pig. Life's crazy right now, but I'm determined to create a simple and happy situation out of it! finding our happy is all about working to build a little and a home (even a small rental home), time management, a little bit of craftyness, a beginner's budget, a healthy body, and getting through the hard stuff that happens in college and beyond. I believe in living each day in the moment, striving to create something out of this thing called life, and using the limited time we have on earth to it's fullest potential.You can find me over at finding our happy, hope to see you soon!

Hi LE readers!  I'm Jessica and I blog over at Jessica Chronicled.  I'm a twenty-something newlywed, puppy mama, and a very recent college graduate (May 6!).  I love everything involved with style, creativity, photography, and vintage.  I love to write about all of those things on my blog as well as my faith, awkward moments that are so inevitable in my life, and things that have deeply changed me in life.  On my blog you can find a mix of sarcasm, seriousness, awkwardness, sillyness, and a lot of love for life.  I hope you'll come check it out.

Hello, I'm Amy Seager from Dottypink Designs. I am a graphic designer and I just LOVE working with new business owners who are starting on their big adventure, creating logos, websites, blog headers and stationery for them! I also have a cute etsy shop with hand drawn giftware and I'm excited to be launching a range of wedding stationery very soon too! Things are busy but fun, and when I'm not working I just love blogging and catching up with other bloggers too! Nice to meet you all! 

Hello there! I'm Sierra and I blog over at Vienna Waits. As you can see, I am a fancy lady who wears clothes and then takes pictures of herself in said clothes. What you can't see is that I am also a self-deprecating bookworm who shares tales of her daily life while trying way too hard to get a chuckle out of her readers. If you like reading, thrifting and will be able to pick up on my Arrested Development and Office references, we could definitely be friends.

Hi friends! My name is Sam, I'm a vintage shop owner, blogger & stylist! On the weekends you can find me playing in the mountains with my fiance, Donovan & sheepdog, Otis. I recently renovated a 1962 Garway camper into our mobile shop! This summer I'm touring the country selling handpicked vintage clothing, housewares & accessories! Hope to see you around!

Hey yall! Im Emily at Dashboard Diary! I first started blogging last year when my boyfriend, our best friend, and I went on a cross country road trip...and then hit an elk, totaled our car, got a rental car, won some money back in Vegas, got 2 bikes stolen in san fran, and since we were left with one bike and tons of camping equipment, we got to drive a u-haul home! Trip of a lifetime, right? Since then, the eventful travels have continued and I decided to keep on blogging. Whether it be about surviving my time in physician assistant school, occasional attempts at cooking, our latest travels and music interests, or a craft project here and there, I definitely keep it interesting! Come stop by and take a peek! I'd love to hear from you!

I'm Courtney! I'm a 20 something student/writer/fun times girl doing uni in Newcastle, Australia. My blog is a collection of things that I write, cook, laugh at and make. I love baking, watching documentaries, collecting moustache themed things and drinking tea out of funny mugs. I'm always on the look out for new blogs to follow, and I'd love to see yours!

I hope you will check out the first part of my wonderful sponsors!
Xo Chloe.

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