May 8, 2012

Guest Post//Finding Our Happy

How to be an Artist Without Actually Starving

Almost everyone in the art business knows that you won't make much money, at least not starting out. Being a student and an artist is even more challenging. I've learned a few ways to make the "starving" part of being an artist a little bit easier.

Saving money on clothes

You can actually save alot of money on clothes, but you do have to cut down on buying them a bit to actually start saving on them.

  • Buy at the thrift store, plato's closet, clothes mentor, etc. We have a few really great thrift stores in MN that are aimed specifically towards teens and young adults.
  • Use discount codes and coupons. You can get coupon codes for online shopping from for almost any store that sells online.
  • Try to shop during sales or for off season items. You'll save more on jeans and hoodies during summer and more on swimsuits in december.

Saving money on food

Yes, you can eat well on a budget. And you can even splurge on a few nights eating out too.

  • When you're grocery shopping always use coupons! I'm not saying you have to spend hours cutting them, but at least pick up the store coupons on your way through the entrance.
  • If your grocery store has a discount card, get one, they're usually free.
  • Frozen and canned fruits/veggies are almost always as good nutritionally as fresh, as long as you use them on time. The canned and frozen are also cheaper!
  • If you're eating out look for coupons online again. You can also sign up for groupon and get deals that way.
p.s. check out my other posts about healthy eating here.

Saving money on entertainment

This is where I've cut back the most. I've learned to love doing smaller things, instead of huge expensive events.

  • Instead of going out to the movie theater invite friends over. Make popcorn and snacks and watch netflix or grab a redbox.
  • Go bowling on a weekday like wednesday or thursday, it's cheaper. Some places even have a free bowling night, just pay for shoes!
  • Have a card or game night. Invite friends over for a scrabble marathon!
If you want to learn more about saving money and starting a budget you can check out my beginners budget series on my blog!

Thanks for guest posting on Lazy Explorers, Devin! I love all of your ideas! Be sure to check out Devin's blog, her posts are filled with awesome advice!
Xo Chloe.

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chrissy said...

card and games nights are the best! free and fun.

jorjiapeach said...

i'm all about being frugal. i'm so cheap. sometimes i feel like i'm sticking it to the man when i spend less. you know, the capitalist man.

Barnicles said...

awesome post! great ideas and great post title!

Barnicles :)

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