May 30, 2012

Don't Fret, Just Listen: Kate Nash

This, is my face....covered in freckles with the occasional spot and some veins. Kate Nash is near and dear to my heart. She is sassy and lovely at the same time. Her music is quirky and wonderfully catchy.
She has a voice that I could definitely pick out. I love that about Kate. You could play me a song I have never heard by her and I would be able to tell. 
In some photos, Kate looks a lot like Katie of Skunkboy Creatures. Their names are even similar!

This music video is adorable. I guarantee you will be jealous of her outfits, I sure am. Plus, who doesn't love dancing cats?

I love this little interview-ish video. Kate Nash is such and inspiration. My life would be complete if I met her.

Xo Chloe.

8 colorful thought(s):

Liz Kantner said...

I love Kate Nash! I saw her live years ago and she sipped tea in between songs. Such a cute person. I actually was listening to her newest album on repeat last week!

Jaydinn said...

I LOVE Kate Nash! We were just listening to her last night in the car! If I had her accent, I would die!

Gaby said...

love her!

Melanie Lea said...

I love Kate Nash! Such a beautiful and inspirational person : )

Kimmy said...

Her music is great. I love her as well. :3

Kimmy said...

Her music is great. I love her as well. :3

Beverly Houpt said...

Ah! Dancing cats! They look a little scary... Like dancing alien cats :>

Stephanie said...

I absolutely love Kate Nash. My friends in England got me into her a fe years back. I still think Mouthwash and Dickhead are my two favorite songs by her.

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