Sep 3, 2014

Update: School Already??

Welp, school has started again and this is going to be me every day. Coffee, tea, more tea, iced coffee, some more tea. During the day at school I literally have a caffeinated beverage on hand at all times. Then, I go to work where I continue to drink caffeinated beverages as well as serve them to customers. It feels like summer went by way too fast, but I am pretty darn excited for fall. I am just hoping that this year will be snowpocalypse free.

Xo Chloe.

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jess buckley said...

I know how you feel girl. I'm back in classes too, and I'm a slave to that same caffeine loop. Here's to hoping we make it through!

d i ▲ n n e said...

I love your lip color! What is it?

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