Sep 16, 2014

Stuff I Luff #83

I LOVE floral tattoos! This one is temporary, which I think is amazing because it gives you a chance to test out having a tattoo. As a kid, I always loved temporary tattoos.

The Too Faced eye shadow palettes all look so pretty to me. I especially like this one. My friend has it and I always admire it when I am over her house.

Here I go with temporary tattoos again, but look at those rings! I love the way photographs their temporary accessories.

I absolutely love Kristen's work. She inspired me to become a graphic designer after seeing her work as a elementary education major. This moon phases print is so cute.

I really like this dress, it is simple and comfy looking. That collar is what does it for me though. Man, I love me some collars.

Other Things I Am Loving
+This blog post that gave me the most valuable knowledge known to mankind.
+I love watching these videos because I love seeing what it is like overseas. Plus, I lie to listen to their accents.
+I have been obsessed with hair accessories lately, so I am keeping an eye on this giveaway in hopes that I win!

Xo Chloe.

5 colorful thought(s):

Taylor Hart said...

I love all these picks!!!! I'm kinda obsessed with those temp tattoos! A lot less painful then the real thing. Lol.

Hayley said...

That dress is really nice. My friend has a jumper with a collar just like that one :) x

Candy said...

These are great picks as always. I've fallen in love with the moon phases print! My husband wants our new bedroom to have a subtle space theme, so I've been gathering inspiration from all over the place. Thanks for this! :)

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Kelsea Echo said...

Oooo those temporary tattoos are awesome! After using one for a recent photo shoot, I'm tempted to wear them every day just for fun... :)

Van said...

I love the moon phases print!

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