Sep 2, 2014

Stuff I Luff #82

The Bathory is so cool! You customize your own bath salts for the specific experience you want.

I love this hooded scarf, it looks so cozy!

I am a sucker for animal print things, especially fox print. This dress instantly won my heart.

Ever since bar necklaces became popular I have liked them but never fallen in love with one. This one is the prettiest bar necklace I've seen yet.
The reasons for this dress being included in this post are completely obvious and I do not need to explain myself.

Other things I am loving
Kate's giveaway that forces you to be nice to enter. (Sometimes people need a little push to be pleasant)
Midge's blue hair matches her blog design.
+ I can't help but laugh hysterically at Miranda's videos

Xo Chloe.

4 colorful thought(s):

Sam said...

I love that fox dress. It's so cute. I actually just did a post about that cat portrait dress! Great minds think alike! :)

Candy said...

Oh my god the dress! And I am thinking about bugging my mum to knit me a hooded scarf now...!

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jess buckley said...

I adore all of this! That fox dress is perfect!

floating thru fields said...

customizable bath salts that would make a great gift :)
I love animal prints too :) and bar necklaces are so adorable
great picks

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