Sep 23, 2014

Stuff I Luff #84

I quickly fell in love with all of the lovely and quirky jewelry from Wild Thing. I love the fact that this is a bear with a honey comb design...because bears like honey! (eh? eh?)

The mirrors i this shop are so pretty and awesome! I really like this shield mirror because it reminds me of Zelda and you would be able to see a lot of yourself in it....whoaaa that sounds a little conceited. I meant you could do your makeup or something in it since it is big enough.

I have a sweet spot (har har) for food patterns. This dress not only has donuts on it, but the donuts are embroidered.

The stationary over on Dactyl Life is seriously awesome! This Narwhals over Niagara stationary set does not disappoint. You could win a stationary set of your choice by entering the giveaway!

I have always wanted collar/cardigan chain clips! This bee collar clip has specific relevance to my life right now. I feel like my life is infested with bees right now..that sounds pretty dramatic, but seriously. Everywhere I go lately there are bees. I guess they are making their final round before winter.

Other things I am loving
+Jazz and swing covers of top hit songs, I can't stop listening. Speaking of can't stop, listen to this one.
+A Beautiful Mess' new blog design is so cute.

Xo Chloe.

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