Sep 15, 2014

Lazy Explorers Stationary & A Giveaway!

The lovely Tara over at Dactyl Life Custom Designs and Stationary sent me some awesome stuff including my own stationary that she personalized for me. I gave Tara a rough list of my interests and she saw my blog so she had an idea of my style and what I like. With her own personal twist, she created this cute fox, mason jars, and flowery stationary for me.

Here I am laying in all of my new mailing swag. Anyone want me to write them a letter?

Here is a closer look at the stationary she designed for me. I love the color scheme.

I thought this little button was so cute. She included so many adorable little extras like this. I am so happy to work with her. The packaging was all so adorable as well.

stationary6Her business card is just as cool as her stationary. Above the word "dactyl" is a little sort of outline of a pterodactyl. Do you get it? Because her name is Tara??

Onto the giveaway! One of you will win your own stationary set from Dactyl Life! You can choose to win the design she made for me, or you can choose one from her Etsy shop.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck to everyone!
Xo Chloe.

11 colorful thought(s):

TARAdactyl said...

Your pictures are too cute! It was such a pleasure working with you :)

Venus said...

Tara is the best! She makes the best stationery. I love the design she did for you so I'd probably pick that if I won. Also, your knee high cat stockings are the cutest!

Sabrina said...

This stationary is so cute! The foxes are adorable, I bet my friends would be so excited to get letters written on such nice stationary! I know I would.

Kelsea Echo said...

Wow! I am really digging the narwhals over niagara and the swan sets!

TomoyoHime said...

I would love one with a cat! They are amazing!

alegna101 said...

What fun stationery! I really like the butterfly set, and the vintage typewriter set, but all of them are cool.

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute set! I love how unique they all are! And if you're looking for people to send/receive mail from, then I'm your gal! lol! ;) Nelson

AnNa said...

I like the pink scallop set :) Thank you!

Hawwa Ma said...

I would choose this one, it's perfect!

Stephanie W. said...

Just found your blog through tara's blog and really enjoy reading through it :) I really like her narwhals over naiagara letter set although the one she designed for you is pretty darn cute. hope you have a lovely day :)

Venus said...

Woohoo! I won! Thank you so much for putting on this giveway! Your blog is adorable and I love Tara's stationery designs! Best Monday morning boost ever! :D

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