Sep 18, 2014


I love these monogrammed soaps! They would make such cute gifts. I was thinking they would fancy up some Lush soaps to give to friends.

This bracelet diy is so pretty and simple. I have one complaint, why does it have to be called a slave bracelet? I feel like these photos are sort of unfortunate with the american flag and dream catchers in view. Before reading the title, I didn't really think anything of it.

I have always wanted a spoon ring. It would be all the more special if I made it myself. This diy makes it look so easy.

You guys must know by now how much I love fake taxidermy. This paper mache taxidermy diy has so much potential.

This animal favor box diy is adorable! This would be so cool to make for a kid's birthday party.

Xo Chloe.

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Candy said...

These are all gorgeous DIY ideas, but I am totally with you on the inappropriately named 'slave bracelet' thing... My primary school used to have a 'slave auction' for charity until ALL of the parents complained that it was a horrendous name for a charity event. Thank goodness.

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Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

Slave is just a odd way to say chains.

I do love the other DIY ideas :D

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha, I love fake taxidermy too:) And always had a thing for spoon rings as well.
Nice list!

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