Sep 12, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Welp, school is back and the struggle of balancing blogging and school is real. I've decided I might do some things a little differently. I want to try out vlogging again. Not too sure how that will work out but we shall see. In the meantime, here is an update about my life at school.
This is a sketch for an assignment in screen printing class. The theme for this project is "playful," and I thought it would be funny to take all of the synonyms for playful and screen print that with fun lettering. My teacher rolled his eyes at me when he realized what I was doing.

I was soooo exhausted. School=zero sleep. I am excited to be wearing cardigans again, though.
I am in a life drawing class so you mayor may not know what that means....we have to draw nude models. Here are some of the beginnings of my sketches.
In my Graphic Design class we are doing a ligature project. We have to come up with our own ligatures using the fonts she provided us with. I am actually having a lot of fun with this project so far.

How are your classes going? Are any of you art majors?
Xo Chloe.

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Riley Fickett said...

I feel your exhaustion, for real. I'm a second year graduate student (balancing 3 jobs, class, and homework - woo!) so sleep is a rarity. Hang in there!


P.S. You're so talented! Loved getting glimpses of your sketches!

Emily Kramer said...

I just graduated from college (Graphic Design major!) and I took all of those classes in (even did similar assignments!) I loved life drawing! It was kind of weird at first, but after the first few weeks the nude model thing just became normal. We had to sculpt muscles on these skeleton mannequins alongside of drawing. It was a pain, but it really helped me see the where the different muscles were on the body.

I wasn't a huge fan of screen printing, mainly because of the assignments. Why does everything have to have theme? I swear all screen printing professors only like insanely abstract concepts.

As tough as it can be with all those art classes, I'll admit that I miss it right now. Searching for jobs and waiting on results from job interviews is no where near as fun.

Good luck on your assignments! :)

Federica Sickgreen said...

I did an art high school in my country and I remember like it was yesterday (actually it's been 10 years ago!) the hours with the nude model! We had always the same girl in different position and she always moved and talked and laughed! lol!
I remember that we used huge sheets of paper to draw and this really help to improve the drawing skills!
Good luck! :)

Candy said...

You look really cool and effortless in that cardigan, and your ligatures are amazing! I've loved looking around your blog today! :)

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