Jun 9, 2012

Room Tour with A Girl Named Astrid

Hello everyone! I'm Astrid from a girl named astrid
I'm here as a guest blogger to show you a tour of my pad! (Ok I just like calling it that, it's my room). First off lets learn a bit about me...

I'm Astrid Wednesday.
I'm 16, live in the country and am home schooled and have been all my life. I am a photographer, artist and model for fellow artists and bloggers. I adore all things vintage. I have a collection of vintage cameras... is 76 too many? I love sweet summer days eating ice cream and taking photos of this beautiful world. Something about me is I always have a smile on my face.
Now lets get started! 
My room is a space where I love to be. I have made it into a part of me where I can always be happy and feel myself.

I end up in this bed a LOT. I tend to do most of my blogging curled up under covers while watching Friends (the tv show).  

This is my inspiration wall. I rip out images from magazines, sketch books and many other things. 
I love looking at it when I need some ideas and it always perks my interest. It's also a good excuse to use my favourite turquoise washi tape *wink*.

 This is my makeup/work table.  I simply adore the portrait that I was lucky enough to have Lucky Jackson make of me!  Pyrex dishes are great to put makeup in! And vintage planters are great for pens or brushes! 

I put all my delicate jewellery in my retro shot glasses. Yes they are shot glasses.. but do you ever think of how cute and little they are?!

Just some of my favourite movies and shows.. 

Shoes shoes shoes!  

Vintage camera given to me by Elyica, first aid book (you never know when you'll need it ;)) earrings in owl dishes.

As you can tell I love vintage shopping and picking up little glasses, jars, bowls and mugs to hold everything but what the original purpose was! 

Photo wall! This is where I have over 100 photos that make me happy. I have some Mary V. Robinson prints but mostly instax photos of me and friends and family. I'm trying to get a photo of every person know on here. It makes me smile every night when I go to bed and get to be reminded of all the good times I have had. 

This corner of my room is one of my favourites. I got this shelving at IKEA and it holds everything from cameras, film, books, records, jewellery and much much more. Its also great for my collection of vintage animal figures! And Audrey Hepburn makes it pretty great too ;)

 Bat boy print by Lucky Jackson, SPAM and pop art made by myself. 
I love that deer lamp in the corner! Its hard to see well but my father picked it up for me and it makes me smile ever so big.

So thats my room! 
Thank you so much to Chloe for asking me to do this guest post! I'm honoured. Thanks for reading! 


Thanks for being here Astrid! Your room is adorable, and makes me want to go to redecorate mine.
Xo Chloe.

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Angel said...

This room is so awesome. I love the wall of pictures

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow, what a wonderful room! And 76? That is a LOT indeed, you go girl;)


Elisha(: said...

oh my gosh astrid!!! HOW ADORABLE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love those deer pillows!

Leila said...


miss teacups. said...

It is SO perfectly you. I'd love to live here!! Wow....amazing Astrid!

Jessica said...

Wow, such cuteness! I love this room and makes me wish I would have discovered vintage shopping a long, long time ago! -Jessica


a blog about the little things said...

Love this tour of your room, Astrid - such a delightful space! It's magical! xox

Brillia said...

Wow where did you get your bedframe from? It's so pretty!

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