Jun 19, 2012

DIY Ideas

How pretty is this confetti light bulb garland? I will be making this for my future home/apartment.

This camera strap looks so comfy! Plus, the tutorial doesn't look too complicated.

Felt brooches are my newest obsession. I love this ampersand one.

I really want to be good enough at using my sewing machine to make things like this color-block skirt

This sharpie mug DIY is SO simple, this would be such a cute gift for a friend.

I always find pillow cases with the coolest patterns, I can't wait to make this tote.

I have been a bit more crafty lately, so I hope to have more of my own DIY projects up soon! Check out my felt terrarium brooch DIY.
Xo Chloe.

5 colorful thought(s):

Stephanie said...

Saw the mug DIY the other day, too! This would be such a cute engagement gift or something :)

Stephanie said...

I've been debating the sharpie mug tutorial. We're a high-traffic mug using household. I just worry the sharpie won't hold up to the hype.

Xixia said...

I love the sharpie mugs - they're adorable. Maybe will do this as an anniversary gift for my lovie! :) Thanks for the link!
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Benlovesting said...

I'm loving this post :)

danielle p. said...

all such cute ideas! definitely going to try out the confetti bulbs and mugs. thanks for sharing :]

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