Jun 29, 2012

Outfit: What Rompers Are Good For

I have always had a hard time liking rompers. I remember so many times I would pick up what I thought was an amazingly adorable dress, but then put it back after realizing it was a romper. The other day I realized that rompers are good for bike rides. They are just as breezy as a dress, without the worry that a big gust of wind will reveal your everything.
Camera Bag- Ebay
Sandals- Thrifted (Bass)
Flower Hair Clip- F21

This was our first bike ride of the summer and boy was I happy. Actually, Dominick bought a bike about an hour prior to these photos. We were beyond excited to try out our new bikes.
I love my new camera bag. It holds everything! I will do a "What's in my camera bag" post soon.

Xo Chloe.

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Emily Terrell said...

That's a camera bag?? Love it!! :]

guppyandwhaleshark said...

That romper is adorable!!!!

twitter: cincy_cindrella

Elisha(: said...

Love that romper!!! And they're good for playing volleyball in! ;)


Salvaged Strawberry said...

I love, love, love your bike and that basket is so cute! :)

Lauryn Green said...

Your camera bag!! I'm waiting for mine, I hope it comes in the mail soon .And I'm in love with your bike, it's perfect.

The Quiet Owl said...

I would have never known that was a romper. It's so cute!

Teaka said...

Rompers really are perfect for bikes now that I think about it. I don't own one and honestly I don't see myself investing in a pair any time soon but I think's it's a brilliant idea. For now I wear bike shorts under my dress when I want to bike in one. :)

jorjiapeach said...

genius. except i have a long torso, so these things tend to ride up my ass. dammit.

Megan said...

That bag is amazing! I never realized how easy a romper would make riding, now I may have to re-think my dislike for them as well.

Adrian said...

I agree@ Rompers are the best for bike rides! I LOVE your camera bag! I can't wait to take a peek inside!! :)

xx Adrian

Treasure Tromp said...

ooh what a great camera case. and bike!

Kelley Spurlock said...

Bike rides=awesome. You may have redeemed rompers in my eyes. But I'm just not sure if I'm ready to go there.

Beth Retro said...

Hello, i've just disovered your blog :)
that's such a great idea for bike riding, i might have to try wearing one of those! thank you for sharing. have a nice day! <3

Amber said...

You almost can't tell it's a romper but that is a great way to feel like wearing a dress with out the awkwardness of a dress on a bike! Cute outfit :)

xo Amber P.

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