Jun 22, 2012

My Camera Wishlist

1//Lomography Guvnor La Sardina
2//Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask
3//Lomography LomoKino
4//Lomography Shiawase Fisheye

What's on your camera wishlist?
Xo Chloe.

8 colorful thought(s):

Katherine McAdoo said...

i LOVE underwater camera and that one looks especially amazing!

Danielle Leal said...

Loving all these cameras. Right now, I wouldn't mind having a new DSLR. Happy Friday, dear!

Two Happy Hearts said...

Those are all amazing! I could get lost on the lomography website. So many amazing things!
I especially love that LomoKino. I was looking at it the other day, and it just seems so awesome!

Angel said...

first time seeing the hands-free underwater camera. Looks pretty sweet.

Xixia said...

Those cameras look so cool! I only have a digital camera, and it's quite old. I love the first London-inspired one. :)
♥ xixia
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Mindi said...

Great list! I just recently discovered the Lomokino and want one so bad! I love the other cameras on your list as well-that underwater one is soooo cool!!!

Beverly Houpt said...

That goggles camera! Sooo cool.

Crissy said...

That underwater mask looks cute but the reviews ;.;

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