Jun 26, 2012

DIY Ideas

Oooh, this would be cute for an outdoor party (In the area no one will be walking through. Think of all the shape possibilities! 

I used to love making embroidery thread friendship bracelets! These cute little bobby pins bring me back.

Oh my goodness, how adorable is this! There are not enough crafts that make objects look like kissing couples. 

I am most definitely going to try this floral bag DIY. I could easily thrift a bag to use.

My blog buddy is full of great ideas! I love how she used her new washi tape!

This is the most impressive shoe storage solution I have ever seen, and I think it may just be the perfect solution for me!

Xo Chloe.

11 colorful thought(s):

Katherine McAdoo said...

that little clothes pin is the cutest thing ever!

<3 katherine

Adrian said...

These are all great idea! I really like the washi tape on the cameras! Cuuute!

xx Adrian

Melanie Lea said...

I love when you do these DIY idea posts! And your "Stuff I Luff" posts, which I featured as part of my sponsor love post today! Yayy!

My Billie

kittycatstevens said...

i LOVE the handbag! and that clothespin couple is super cute, too.

danielle p. said...

umm, loving the shoe holder! these are all really cute ideas. thanks for sharing :]

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

what a great round up- I just checked out a few of these blogs as well- thanks for the intro and nice to 'meet' you.

Amber said...

Awesome craft ideas. I like the shoe one if only my closet doors weren't bi-folds

xo Amber P.

Treasure Tromp said...

I want to make an army of those cute little clothes pins

Emma Mae Marion said...

Your blog is so cute! and I LOVE your crafts! I feel a craft party coming on in my near future! <3

ShyScout said...

So many cute ideas! The kissing couple clothes pin is my favorite :]

Megan said...

I'm dying to make that bag! I'll have to keep an eye out for the perfect "canvas" next time I'm out thrifting.


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