Jun 2, 2012

Blog Buddy Sent Me a Package

My blog buddy Laura sent me a package! Here is what I found inside.
There was confetti in the box!
I love the headbands she made for me! The striped one is my favorite!
Postcards from her trip!
This photo means so much to me. I love instant photos and to know she took this and held it in her hands is incredible.
The Quelitas were so yummy! They taste like a cracker crouton hybrid. Dominick was a huge fan. He was devising ways to get more before we even ate them all. Actually, as I type this I am eating the rest!
We ate them with hummus, which is one of our favorite foods!

Do you have a blog buddy that you exchange packages with? If not, make one! It's so much fun!
Xo Chloe.

6 colorful thought(s):

Elisha(: said...

how fuuunn!! :)


Cait Monster said...

Awwe. This is cute. :]
I would LOVE getting pictures from other bloggers!

Stephanie said...

How awesome!! I've been doing something similar with Reddit, though I think I might be retiring that plan. My secret matches never turn out to appreciate my gifts.

Maybe once I get money again (because postage is expensive!) I can switch my efforts over to swapping packages with fellow bloggers!

Rachael said...

Some of my blogger friends do food swaps with me so I can get some food packages from the UK [my homeland] in return I send them a load of American sweets/candy. Always goes done a treat!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! The postcards are so beautiful.

lisa said...

Such a sweet package, I love the instant photo and postcards! I just got a package from a blog buddy last week and it was the greatest thing ever :) Now I'm planning what to send to her...

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