Jun 13, 2012

Meet the June Sponsors//Part 1

Hello, I'm Taylor! A twenty-something housewife in love with adventures, sushi and fizzy wine. I own Boys and Wolves, an Etsy shop full of vintage treasures, old cameras and pretty pictures. I also have a blog where I post camera reviews, projects, recipes and all around goodness. I'm excited to be on Lazy Explorers, and hope to make some great blogger friends! 
My name is Laura Caldentey and I'm behind Lauryn Green's blog. I love to take analog photos, drawing, sewing, food, cooking, films and animals and share it on my blog. I live in Spain in a little island called Mallorca and I dream of travel around the world with my camera.
Hi I'm Marilyn and my blog is Pulp Sushi. My Etsy shop goes by the same name - both started 2006. I try to show my love of mid-century nostalgia through my jewelry.  I'm fueled by coffee, music, books, low-brow art, classic horror, fashion & desserts.
Hi, I'm Brynna, the girl behind Maggie's Farm! Around the blog you can find posts about personal style, things I love and peeks into my everyday life. And in the shop you can find original, altered, and up-cycled vintage goodies. Stop by and say hello, I'l love to be friends!
Hey Lazy Explorers!! I'm Cait, owner of Enigmatic Ambiance and photographer from California! I originally started blogging to share my pictures, but eventually created a personal blog to share my adventures and memories.  I like to think that my personality oozes out of my blog posts, but I'll let you be the judge of that.  I love meeting and getting to know new people, so I hope you stop by sometime!
Hello, I’m Ceridwen. My blog is filled with creativity, inspirations and photographs of my adventures, but I mostly blog to share the stories behind the things I create and to meet wonderful like-minded folk. I love to draw and drink tea and I am inspired by animals, colour and nostalgia. Most of my time is spent making things for and running Mystic Moose, my little etsy shop selling handmade fabric and paper crafts, from my Cotswolds studio in England.

Stop by their blogs and say hi! They are all super friendly!
Xo Chloe.

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Anonymous said...

Very thankful to be apart of this! Thanks again.

Ps, I love that font you used! So pretty!

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