Jun 30, 2012

Guest Post//Alexandra's Photography Tips

Photo courtesy of Sarah Croswhite.
Hi there! My name is Alexandra, and I run a little photography blog where I share my work, as well as every day musings and lots about my Border Collie, Bonny. Also, the above photo of me was taken about 2 years ago. [I wish my bangs were still that length.]
Chloe asked me to share a few photography tips, and so I'm going to give you some of my best ones that have yet to fail me!
(c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
First off: If you're going to be taking portraits for the first time, take them of one of your closest friends. If you're photographing someone you're close to, it shows. And if you can get a genuine smile out of them, then you've got a winning photo. The best portraits are the ones that show someone's true inner beauty.
(c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
Everyone has their talents, hidden or well-known. Your subject will be in their comfort zone if they're doing something familiar. I took the above photo of my friend Ashley, who's been dancing for years. Her movements are beautiful, and it was amazing watching her in her element.

(c) Alexandra Wallace, 2012.
If you've seen my photos, you know I've got a thing for natural light and flares. The best suggestion I can give you, is to go out one evening as the sun's going down, and take some photos. Whether they're of people, flowers, trees, cityscapes - you name it - everything will glow.

Feel free to come visit me at my blog, and let me know how these worked for ya! Wishing you all a wonderful day,

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Luke Chapman said...

Love the photos sun set is my favorite time as well and for the fact I'm too lazy to get up really early in the morning to get sun rise.

Quick question, do you your lens hood when shooting or take it of to get more glair from the sun into your photos?

Keep up the good work


Two Happy Hearts said...

Wonderful photos! Sunset is also my favorite time to take photos. Thanks for sharing!

jamiedawn said...

that sunset photo is a hit!! and my gosh these girls are all so gorgeous!!

chrissy said...

love the tip about making your subjects comfortable through laughter!

wrote about it: you are here ——> http://mydearwatsonblog.blogspot.ca/2012/07/links-i-heart.html

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