Jul 3, 2015

Outfit: Windy Cindy

Michigan really needs to get it's junk together. It was so windy and rainy the day we took these photos. Luckily it rained after we left. It will be 80 degrees one day and the next day it is 60 degrees and hailing. I assure you that what they say about Michigan weather is absolutely true.

I cannot get enough of this fox necklace. I feel like I wear it every other day. It literally goes with any outfit.
outfit details
+bird skirt-gift (originally f21...i think)
+peter pan top-f21
+oxfords-Vans (discontinued)
+necklace-Bonny Rabbit Boutique

Since I work at Starbucks, I get to try all the new drinks and flavors before everyone else. The new drinks coming your way are  gonna be delicious...just sayin.

You can kinda tell how windy it was in this photo. Next time I'll just have to embrace the wind. I was getting so frustrated because I tried to curl my hair and the wind got rid of it almost instantly. Michiganders just have to embrace it, ya know?

I feel like I am constantly wearing these shoes. They are the comfiest and I love how they are a mixture of tennis shoes and oxfords. I wish they weren't discontinued, I would buy them in more colors. I had to hunt these down online.

Xo Chloe.

2 colorful thought(s):

Sara-h Jane said...

I am soooo jelly that you get to taste all of the Sbux stuff before it comes out! You look adorbs in this outfit, girl! That fox necklace is amaze too! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Derek said...

shoulda did that marilyn monroe pose in front of that well. just saying

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