Jul 14, 2015

July Birchbox

I just love how colorful each Birchbox is. I cannot even bring myself to throw them away. I have 2 sitting almost an arm's reach away from me right this very second. With that, I almost cancelled my subscription to Birchbox (again), and right when I was saying to myself that this would be the last box...they would send me one that was so amazing I just couldn't do it. I think this one was kinda 50/50 for me. It was still worth the $10 though.

I am suuuuper excited to try this out. I need something like this for my flat hair.

I tried this out today, mehh. I feel kinda weird about anti aging eye treatments. I am always afraid I am going to be allergic and my eye is going to puff up.

When I saw this bronzer I was immediately happy with this box. I LOVE the Balm and their packaging soooo much. The Stila lipstick/stain I am not so sure about. I am not to keen on the color and it seems kinda gumpy.

I tried the bronzer out today and it works really well with my skin tone. I was just thinking that I need to try and wear bronzer too. Birchbox, get outta my head!

Do you guys belong to any monthly subscription services? Which is your favorite? Not that I need to be hooked on another one, but ya know.
Xo Chloe.

2 colorful thought(s):

Sara-h Jane said...

Aw man! I cancelled Birchbox a year ago to save some money and now you are making me want to sign up again! Those boxes are adorable!

Derek said...

with the endless amount of birch box and glam bags you have, you should make a super glam bag box to hold all the items you got from these things. just saying.

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