Jul 5, 2015

Design Stuff//Hairstylist Business Card

I had so much fun doing this design for my friend Jessica. She wanted a vintage-y style with a classy twist. I wanted so badly to load it up with floral, but she isn't as much of a floral lover as I am. I am very happy with how it came out though, and it was very good practice with the pen tool for me.

I love creating little icons, and I especially liked making these because they are so vintage-y and cute. I think I've even reused a few since be because I love them so much.

They are so small on the card, meant to be more of a background pattern than icons per say.

I even made her a cute stamp in case she ever wants to stamp something...or everything. I love stamps, especially personalized ones. Plus, this stamp inks itself soooooo that makes it 10000x awesomer.

Xo Chloe.

3 colorful thought(s):

Laura Jones said...

these are so lovely, you did such a good job! i'll have to start to make my blog more serious and business-like so that i will have need for and can justify getting cute business cards, haha:-) x

Kristian said...

Wow! You made designed these? That is so cool looking!

Derek said...

you should make me a business card although i don't do anything with my life except post random comments on your blog, there you go "Derek, the random blog poster". awesome

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