Jun 30, 2015

Life//Art School

So I am currently going to school for my bachelors of fine arts degree with a concentration in graphic design. We have to do such weird projects that sometimes end up being something pretty cool. For this specific project we had to pick an musical artist and describe them with 4 adjectives. Then we had to find various images in magazines and books that fit into the 4 categories. Then we had to do like a bazillion collages with them. My teacher calls them "mondo collages." At the end of the millions and millions of collages we had to do (all in photoshop, mind you), we had to then use the collages to create a cd design for the artist of our choice. I chose Kate Nash and my adjectives were crazy, feminine, retro, and colorful.

A lot of my collages had animals puking various things. My professor made fun of me for that a lot.

The script font is Wolf in the City and the sans serif font is Univers.

Some of my collages ended up so weird looking. Let's all take a gander at that flower monster with boobs for eyelashes, shall we?

I have found that sometimes you cannot be afraid of making something that is crazy or weird looking, especially with art and design. I love that I can take risks in my school work, the experimentation is what helps you learn the most.

Xo Chloe.

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lisa said...

I love the adjectives you chose and your collage turned out awesome! Man, I miss design school! As much as I was excited to graduate, in hindsight that was the best time for making projects I really loved. Not often the case with client work- haha ;)

Ali Hval said...

Aww hey, fellow artist! I love that CD design--looks like you're getting into it and doing great! Never be afraid to be weird with art. Eventually the weird stuff will become normal and you'll just continuously build on the weirdness until you don't know what to do with yourself anymore.

Sara-h Jane said...

OMG what a kick ass project! I am envious as all hell. You should totally send that into Kate Nash too, it totally looks like her style!

Derek said...

true story: that cow on the back gave me nightmares

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