Jul 8, 2015

Rant: Doctor's visit

*Heads up this is about to be a rant post*
 I started feeling really sick yesterday and ended up leaving work to go to urgent care. I explained to the doctor how I was feeling: stuffy, congested, runny nose, ears hurting, out of it, it felt like time was going by in chunks, and I couldn't concentrate.  She responded, "Do you have mental illness? I can treat you for the sinus but for mental you have to go to a different doctor."

Isn't that rude? I wasn't acting crazy or anything. It made me feel even worse than I already felt and I almost started crying. I'm never going back to that urgent care again. She wanted to prescribe me nasal spray and Claritin. I had to ask her to give me an antibiotic because I knew it wasn't going to get any better with that. Also, I just spent $30 for her to hardly even examine me. She didn't even look at my ears, which usually get infected first when I get sick.

I've never had this bad of an experience in urgent care, so hopefully it doesn't happen again.
*End of rant*

Xo Chloe.

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Sara-h Jane said...

Aw man, I am so sorry to hear that! I have had shitty luck with doctors too. I only like to see my physician's assistant, because she is the only one who gives a shit, and has known me for six years now. I hope that you feel better soon!

Derek said...

that otoscope looks like a pencil with a laser attached to the top. nice

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