Nov 4, 2012

Halloween Party

Hey everyone! Here are some snapshots of my dear friend Amanda's Halloween party. She is the one dressed as Snow White.
I love Jenna's homemade Raggedy Ann costume!
I wish I would have taken more photos of the decoration. I had so much fun with these streamers we hung in the doorway. I kept running through them in this stance.
It was a lot of fun! We listened to cheesy Halloween music that included: the Monster Mash and Rock Lobster. We had so much sweets! I made caramel apples, which are much easier to make than I thought they would be.

What did you do for Halloween?
Xo Chloe.

7 colorful thought(s):

Yelle said...

Every year I also listen to cheesy Halloween music! I've been adding modern classics to my list like Kanye's Monster and Yeah Yeah Yeahs's Heads Will Roll.

Renée said...


Amanda said...

It looks like you guys all had a blast!

Nerd Burger said...

LOVE your costume. :)

Dorien said...

That looks like an awesome party! And I love all of the amazing costumes!

Anonymous said...

We all had a blast! I'm so glad for the successful turn out of the party! :) The picture of Sean and you is still my favorite! (:

Drew Watts said...

Ooh! Everybody is dressed amazingly well. That’s the best thing about Halloweens, the costume. I am planning to dress like white walkers this time. It is going to be a huge celebration on Halloweens this year. The party is in one of the finest Los Angeles event venues and I am so very excited about it.

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