Nov 23, 2012

DIY Ideas

Wreaths are so lovely around Christmastime. This simple rosemary wreath DIY will put you in the holiday spirit.

This block print DIY is so cool. It is sort of like a huge stamp.

I love tea towels! This DIY seems super simple, and cute!

Cork planter magnets! What a cool idea!

This wool phone case DIY would be the perfect gift for a friend! There are so many nice wool fabrics to choose from at Jo Ann Fabrics, you can make one to suit your friend's style.

Xo Chloe.

7 colorful thought(s):

aree1997 said...

Cork planter magnets are so cool and I am just loving it. Tea towels are amazing too :)x


Michelle said...

Awesome! I love the tea towel idea I need that in my kitchen.

The Quiet Owl said...

I LOVE that rosemary wreath. It's beautiful and would smell delightful!

Chloe Verde said...

i love the block print !! amazing


Melissa said...

Those magnets are the cutest!

<3 Melissa

Kitsune-kun said...

ahhh those magnets are killing me!!

JellyBones said...

I love those cork planters!!!! That would make a super cute Xmas gift too. :)

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