Nov 12, 2012

Dominick's Outfit: Wooden Bow tie

Okay, so here is how Dominick wore the wooden bow tie we got from Havok Designs. I think he looks so dapper. I will post how I wore it soon!
While Dominick and I were taking these photos a lady stopped her car and stared at us for a good 10 minutes before asking if we wanted her to take a picture of us together. I feel bad that I don't trust anyone, but she was still in her car when she asked. There is no way I would ever let a stranger hold my camera. It was way too expensive for me to not be over-protective. I ended up politely declining. Has that ever happened to any of you?
Shirt- A gift
Sweater- Target
Wooden Bow tie- c/o Havok Designs
Pants- Pacsun
Oxfords- UO

This bow tie rules. I love the little lazer-cut chevron design. It attaches as a pin, so  the possibilities are endless as to how you wear it!

Xo Chloe.

15 colorful thought(s):

Lauryn Green said...

Nice bow tie! :)
And yes, It happened to me too, it's normal when is your beloved camera. If I let my camera to a stranger to take a picture, I always ready to run haha but I let a lot of times my camera and never happened something bad :)

livlovelaugh said...

is that your bf? So cute! Love the wooden bow-tie!


Michelle said...

That bow tie is awesome. He's so handsome!

Melissa said...

I love that tie! So quirky and stylish.

<3 Melissa

Helen said...

aww, what a cute bow tie, I can see that being used in so many ways

The Quiet Owl said...

I know how you feel. People have good intentions, but I'm not letting anyone touch my Rebel! That is the most awesome bow tie I have ever seen!

Erin Dawn said...

Aww, my boyfriend would love this outfit! Sweet bowtie too :D

aree1997 said...

I love bows and bows around my outfit.
Ouch , I would never let my camera to be touched by others. Any stranger never asked my camera but yeah my some insane cousins always chase my camera to take some pictures >.<


Zuley Blue said...

Never seen a wooden bowtie. I gotta say it's pretty cool.

jorjiapeach said...

yes. dapper. i second that.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

all. of the time. literally. people just watch me take my photos. at disney, people always ask if we want our photo taken together. sometimes i'm cool with that, but it is weird trying to explain to look through the viewfinder because people seem to have forgotten how to do that.
and this is a sweet bow tie. and he wore it well. that sweater? my husband needs to get on the train of wearing v neck sweaters pronto

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Pony Chops said...

I love this post! Did you pick his outfit?
I love love love the bow tie

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel about being overprotective with things but you know that already. xD

Anonymous said...

Dominick looks really nice though! So suave!

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