Aug 28, 2012

Stuff I Luff #31

Eeeep! I am in love with these CMYK necklaces

I have been collecting as many chunky beanies as possible for this upcoming fall. This one is absolutely perfect.

This deer print is so lovely.

I like the look of these jeggings in the photos, but i'm not sure if they would be too much like leggings to be worn as pants.

These notebooks are SO cute. I love them all so much, I wouldn't be able to choose!

Xo Chloe.

8 colorful thought(s):

Megan said...

Thanks so much for including my hat in this great post! I am loving those color chart necklaces, too!


Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Those notebooks are adorable, although I'd imagine I would be too scared writing in them would make them look messy. Cute little collection xo

Emily Elizabeth said...

Love your finds this week, I want everything. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

♥ Em

chantilly said...

i love chunky beanies as well... i need some more! and those notebooks, omg!! x

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

i'm knitting a chunky beanie in that exact shade for a blogger friend of mine - only with cables. we're doing a giveaway later this month with a knit beanie so keep an eye out :D i love beanies/berets/any knit hat i can manage to make myself. and i LOVE those little notebooks

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness I am in love with those necklaces too!!!


Pony Chops said...

That deer print is adorable! So cute

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Sweet hat! =)

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