Aug 3, 2012

DIY Ideas

This paper leaf topiary is so pretty. It seems pretty simple too!

This lovely scalloped purse DIY makes me want to thrift a purse to embellish! 

This micro planter tutorial is from the authors of  Microcrafts, which is one of the cutest craft books ever. I got it for Christmas last year and I love it.

This wall display is so pretty. I love the shape of the wood pieces. Dominick's grandpa is very handy with projects like this, maybe I'll ask him to help me build one.

This little guy is so cute and functional! I think I might make him into a brooch, though. 

I don't wear lipstick too often, but this little organizer is genius! I love displays.

Xo Chloe.

7 colorful thought(s):

Mandy said...

I am so in love with the topiary! I must have that for my wedding, and that wall display is to die for!!! Love it all.


CJ said...

I looove miniature objects like those microplanters. SO cute but not incredibly practical, haha...

I also have tons of ideas for thrifted purses - and here's another to add to my list! I need to go thrifting soon.


Polly Bland said...

very very cute DIYs!!! I want to try some things like this when I move into my new apartment!

love, polly :)

Treasure Tromp said...

love LOVE the mini planters and wall display!

jamiedawn said...

i need a new DIY project. thanks for the ideas!!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Oh, I adore that wall display. The wood and knobs are so pretty. I've always wanted to buy pretty door knobs when I see them at shops/rummage sales, but I never knew what I'd use them for.

Steph said...

Whoa, I love the rustic wooden wall display! Definitely try to make one!

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