Aug 20, 2012

Outfit: Boogie Down

I was so happy that we got a few cooler days. I have been building on my fall/winter wardrobe so I was excited to wear a few pieces from my new collection.
I guess this is my boogie down pose, hahaha.
Shirt/High-waisted pants/Skinny black belt- Thrifted.

I love that the collar on this ties into a bow. I can't wait to wear sweaters with this bow over the top.

What does your fall wardrobe consist of?
Xo Chloe.

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Mandy said...

So much cuteness! I hardly have anything for fall this year, I've been so concerned with building summer outfits for our hot Texas heat that will last until December!!! Agh!

Love that top too!


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

amazing that this is all thrift! it looks great on you! and i cannot imagine being in pants right now - i'd about die!

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

The Quiet Owl said...

I love that blouse! All I've got for fall is a bunch of cardigans, but I can't wait to bust them out. I'm ready for cool weather!

Anonymous said...

Way cute blouse! Love it! Oh and I'm with you on the fall weather clothes, sister. I even started knitting a slouchy beanie the other night even though the temp is still flirting with 100 here.


Alice, Pretty Confused said...

That blouse is so cute, I'm not looking forward to colder weather at all, but at least I have loads of inspiration for what to wear thanks to so many inpatient bloggers. You look gorgeous xo

Thriftary said...

Haha - I am a big fan of your "boogie down" pose. Super cute outfit!

MZ said...

Oh, you look SO cute! I, for one, have been building up my sweater collection in hopes of cooler days. Sadly, it's still 100 degrees every day where I live :[

katie said...

oh my word! this is almost exactly what i wore to school today! a shirt that ties like yours jeans oxfords and a hat!


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Adorable :)


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha, I always think I love summer, until it actually is summer. Seems like i'm much more of a fall girl too;)

Great outfit!

jessemac said...

Your hair is amazingly cute. I always end up gathering so much cold-weather clothing when it's hot, too. And I always get so excited to wear them when it gets even a little chilly! My fall wardrobe consists of lots of tights and cardigans in every color (at least that's my goal...).

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