Aug 16, 2012

A Journey in Blogging: Beginning the Trek

I have learned so much since I first began blogging. I have had ups and downs, where I second guess myself and surprise myself. I thought it might be helpful to share what I have learned so far, and what I am continuing to learn. I am going to start off by lightly touching on what I think is important to start out with.

Okay, I know that everyone says that blog design is important, and now I am just harping on you. BUT, it really is important. Your blog should look the way you want it to. When I first started blogging, I had no motivation. Then my dear friend Laura made me a new header and sidebar image and now I love the way it looks! My blog has had so much traffic since then and I have met so many amazing people. You can definitely tell when someone loves their blog and when they are just blogging to blog. 

Check out these blog designers I have picked out:

I had some ideas when I first started blogging, but they were not organized ideas. Now, I carry around a little notebook to write down the ideas that randomly come to me during my day. I tend to forget things easily so this works out perfectly for me.

Check out these notebooks I have picked out:

When I say reach out, I don't mean try to get everything for free. If a blogger is offering ad swaps, then feel free to email them and ask about it. I would not recommend trying to get a free ad space on a blog that charges. You might come off as rude if you do that. I do email plenty of bloggers asking to do guest posts or interviews on my blog and usually if you are polite, they will be too. 

Check out these bloggers that do ad swaps:

I hope you like this little intro post to a series I plan to continue. Is there anything specific you would like me to post about? I would love to hear your thoughts!
Xo Chloe.

7 colorful thought(s):

Lauryn Green said...

Thank you! Since I made your header I had more traffic on my blog too, and I had sales! I remember the day you emailed me asking for my drawings, I was so happy!
And good post, I liked your tips.

guppyandwhaleshark said...

Great post lady!


Anonymous said...

As a new(ish- I had a blog for my old business) blogger, I am taking any tips I can get. Thanks for writing out your points. They are definitely good ones and I found new blogs to stalk!


Karen Agreda said...

Thank you for the tips!

TayloreJazmine said...

Its tell me a secret Thursday, come on by and spill the beans!

Courtney Snook said...

Great idea Chloe, and a great post too :)

Anonymous said...

Chloe! Paper Taxi is my real life friend! How did you find her? (I'm so happy you did, she's a wonderful lady<3)


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