Aug 23, 2014

What's inside: August Glam Bag

Well, after cancelling my ipsy subscription forever ago, I'm back on board! I couldn't stay away. Especially since my friend Michal just signed up.

So first off, I am not too crazy about the pouch it came in. Orange is not really my thang. I do like that it is plastic and not cloth, though.

+Jersey Shore Mongongo lip conditioner- I am super picky about chapsticks and lip balms, but I actually do really like this one. It smells amazing and it melts really nice on your lips.
+Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eyeliner-I love this eyeliner! I am used to liquid pens so this is pretty new for me, but I really love it. The color is a perfect shade of purple.
+Manna Kadar Sheer Glo- I am so not interested in this sort of thing. I tried adding it to my foundation and I don't think it actually did anything. I am going to give it another shot but I hope I do not get more highlighter products like this.
+Klorane Dry Shampoo- I have had this dry shampoo in the past and I remember liking it. I have yet to use any of this can but I am saving it for a greasy hair day.

Overall, I liked this Glambag. I am really excited to see what comes in my next one. Especially since I retook my beauty quiz and I rated each item. Supposedly if you do that they will send items that are more suitable for you. We shall see.

If any of you are subscribed to a beauty subscription, tell me what you got!
Xo Chloe.

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Riley Fickett said...

I have been considering subscribing to some sort of beauty subscription in hopes that it will inspire me to use more products, but I'm worried that it may be a waste of money as I don't typically use beauty products outside of the everyday shampoo/conditioner/deodorant routine. Do you find that being part of a beauty subscription makes you use the products more often, or do the things you get each month tend to pile up?


Meghan said...

I'm a long-time Ipsy subscriber. I totally agree with you on this month's bag. I'm sort of jealous of the 24/7 velvet liner. I have it in Black Velvet (also from ipsy!) And it's easily my favorite pencil liner.

Meg | dishguts

Derek said...

they should make a bag like this for men. i need new products to make my eyes sparkle and my beard to look vibrant.

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