Aug 20, 2014

Outfit: Tennis Courts

Derek had the idea to take photos at his old high school. I've never taken outfit photos at a tennis court before....thought i'd shake things up a bit.
This purse is so weird, it is layered so that when you unbutton it it has different sections to put your stuff in.
This dress feels like swimsuit material. I think I like it though, it doesn't blow up as much in the wind. It is a more stiff, structured material.
Outfit Details
Dress-H&M (via Poshmark)
Shoes-Vans (via Poshmark)
Purse-H&M (via Poshmark)
Collared shirt-Forever 21
I've spent a lot of time on Poshmark lately.....but I've been getting some awesome deals!
Next time you are out taking photos, try a new location! This was really fun for me.

Xo Chloe.

3 colorful thought(s):

Derek said...

talk it up like yeahhh

Angie J. said...

ah very cute dress :D & lovely photos.

Kelsea Echo said...

Your dress is adorable! And this brings back memories - I was on the tennis team for all four years of high school, so I think I'd feel at home on the tennis court! :)

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